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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Dress Up as Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy

Okay, so I was bored. And I decided to look up how to dress up as Rose Hathaway and sine there was like no definite guide that I could find, I thought I would post one myself. Because Rose is one of my most fav characters and definitely one I would dress up as.

To start off, here's some description of her appearance to those who don't remember it clearly. So, you can figure out if you need to buy any wigs or contacts.

Rose's Appearance:

- Long, dark brown (almost black) hair
- Tanned skin, described as the shade of the inside of an almond by her
- Big, dark eyes
- Very curvy body (natural to all dhampirs but particularly accented on her)
- Very toned muscles from years of tough guardian training (and some naturally)
- Medium height like humans, neither tall nor short but could be considered short compared
to Moroi since they are very tall naturally
- Although this depends on the part of the book you're picking to dress up as her, she has a
bunch of Molnija tattoos (two lightening bolts crossing each other), a battle mark tattoo (a
star-shaped mark), and (by the beginning of Spirit Bound) a promise mark tattoo (a long stretched-out S with curly ends) on her neck.
Rose is described as very attractive, beautiful, sexy, and attention-getting. She is someone who turns heads. At the same time, she has an awesome muscular and kick-ass aura to her because of her guardian-training.

How to Dress Up as Rose:

Okay, so this is the hard part. There really isn't any signature clothing for Rose. However you can make out some simple, Rose-styled clothing from her outfits. There's two different ways you can dress up as Rose:
  • Dressy, dolled-up Rose
  • Training, kick-ass Rose (although she's kick-ass either way)
For dressy, party Rose:

Get a tight, revealing dress to show off your curves because Rose loves doing that. Add in some pretty jewelry and don't forget her signature Nazar necklace! She always wears it.

For training Rose:

Get sweat pants and a t-shirt. Really. That's what she wears everyday. Occasionally there's tank-tops or maybe jeans involved. If I was wanting to dress up as her and had toned arm-muscles, I would definitely wear a tank-top to show off my muscles since that would give you more of a dhampir novice look. Again, don't forget the signature Nazar necklace, since she wears it all the time. Also, carry a silver stake with you to add more of a dhampir affect. Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or a bun would also add the ready-to-fight Rose affect.

You can find the Nazar necklaces on Richelle Mead's website, or maybe you could even make one. I don't know, I have never tried. Maybe I'll try and then make a post about it!
As for the silver stake, I have no idea where you would be able to get one. But I guess you could always get a wooden or plastic stake and paint it silver! That's work just fine!

So, I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. Did it help you? Do tell me through the comments!
Any suggestions? Please post them!



  1. WOW thats really helpful thanks a bunch!!

  2. Hey just wondering for dressy Rose, does she wear heels? or flats? I'd say heels but im not sure.